Lytton Local Attractions...

  • Caboose CN78939Built in 1918 as a cargo car, number 414742, in 1954 it was converted into a caboose. In 1984, when railways discontinued the use of caboose cars, the Lytton caboose came to rest after 66 years of service. A host will guide you through this original CN rail car housing wonderful displays and information illustrating the grand effort of building the railway through the Fraser Canyon.
  • Lytton Jelly RollThis profile displays in perfect detail the original geological phenomenon of the circular layered roll-like earth and sand formations caused by prehistoric glacial movement. The extraordinary size of this occurrence makes this a notable must see when visiting the community.
  • 122 Million Year Old FossilIdentified as a 122 million year old Ancyloceras Phylium Mollusca this amazing fossil discovery is from the early Crestaceous Barremian Era. Resembling a huge prawn, this unique specimen at 34 long and 16 in circumference, is the largest ever found on the west coast.
  • Stein Valley Nlakapamux Heritage ParkBearing great historical, cultural and spiritual significance, this park provides the nature purist with wonderful backcountry hiking opportunities. Although not for the feint of heart, proper preparation and attention to safety opens up a world of remarkable views, wildflowers, waterfalls, lakes, forest creatures and more!
  • Botanie ValleyCalled Pootanie by the aboriginal tribes, this literally means valley or lake of many flowers. Explore this unique valley between the Fraser and Thompson Rivers.
  • Skihist Provincial ParkNortheast of Lytton, Skihist offers full facilities for day use or overnight camping, nestled in a dry ponderosa pine forest above the Thompson River you will discover many fine views and hiking trails.