Area Attractions

Bulkley Valley Historic Museum

Located in the Central Park Building at the intersection of Highway 16 and Main Street, this museum not only served as a historic reminder of the region's past, but also houses a fine art gallery featuring local artists.

Driftwood Fossil Beds

Visit this fascinating Provincial Park and be surrounded by fossils dating back as far as 20 million years ago.

Babine Mountain Recreation Area

Located nine miles east of Smithers, this area offers 125 miles of pristine wilderness. popular inhabitants of this area include mountain goats, moose, black bears, squirrels, marmots and deer. Less often seen are grizzly bears, lynx and wolverine.

Silver King Basin

Close to the timberline, this rugged hike of up a tote road is 4.8 miles long. Well with the effort, there are outstanding views and excellent scenery.

Smithers Midsummer Festival

Held in June, this festival offers performances and exhibits by many of the Northwest's finest musicians, artists, artisans and entertainers. It is a festival of music, art, drama and dance.

Bulkley Valley Exhibition

Hundreds of residents and tourists gather each August to see the parade, livestock, 4-H shows, vegetables, baking, handicrafts and midway. There is country western music and all the other ingredients of a real country fair.

Moricetown Canyon and Falls

31 km west of Smithers, this native fishing area is the place to stop and see locals poised on rocks catching the massive salmon which run up the Bulkley River in the late summer. Stay in the private campsite and visit the craft

Perimetre Trail

This trail skirts the townsite and provides an interesting way to see Smithers.

Twin Falls and Glacier Gulch

This 2 km wide gulch formed by a glacier that carved into Hudson Bay Mountain has spectacular twin waterfalls cascading 152m down canyon walls. An easy .5km trail leads to the base of the south falls. A moderate hike can be taken to the 120m thick Lake Kathlyn Glacier.