Kamloops Local Attractions...

The BC Wildlife Park

BC Wildlife Park Kamloops Be prepared for a major expedition in experiencing indigenous wildlife of Super Natural British Columbia, where there is more species diversity than any other province in Canada! The Park features over 65 species of wildlife spread out over 50 hectares. Every member of the family will enjoy seeing cougars, moose, birds of prey, snakes, grizzly bears, mountain goats, and timber wolves.

Kamloops Heritage Railway's Steam Train

The 2141 steam locomotive "Spirit of Kamloops" rides the rails to offer passengers a journey back to the golden age of steam-powered railway travel. Join us on a trip into the past and relax as the history of the area is told. The Bill Miner Gang is ready to rob the train of its shipment of gold with their famous phrase "Hand ups!" Bring the whole family and enjoy the ride.

Heritage Homes Walking Tours

Take a different approach to experiencing history in Kamloops by going on a Heritage Homes Walking Tour through the streets of Kamloops.
Local residents in the downtown core, along with local business owners, have done a great job in revitalizing and restoring heritage homes and buildings.

Pick up a FREE Heritage Homes Walking Tour brochure at the Kamloops Museum & Archives and get advice on suggested routes. Learn of the exciting tales of rivers and railways and discover the stories of the first connections between white man and the local First Nations people. Enjoy colourful stories about characters of the day and peek inside some of the city’s refurbished heritage buildings.

Farmers' Markets

There's nothing like fresh produce direct from the farm. Join the locals and wander through the Farmers' Markets for a fresh taste of Kamloops. This is a great opportunity to buy reasonably priced fresh and organic local produce and flowers. Choose from a wide variety of nutritious foods ranging from fresh salsa to homemade goat cheese. The streets come alive with the sights and sounds of merchants selling and customers buying homemade and homegrown items.

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