Kelowna Local Attractions...

Kelowna Art Gallery

The Kelowna Art Gallery is the leading public visual arts facility in the Okanagan. This new gallery hosts countless shows annually of works by regional, national, and international artists. The permanent collection houses primarily British Columbian works. Visit the Gallery shop for a great place to buy unique handcrafted gifts. 1315 Water St.

Lake Okanagan

Have a look for Ogopogo, the world famous lake monster that legend says inhabits this 82-mile long lake. Be sure to also enjoy swimming, boating, parasailing and all other types of water sports.

Okanagan Lake Floating Bridge

The Okanagan Lake Floating Bridge, built in 1958, spans 1 mile of narrows over Lake Okanagan.

Kelowna Area Wineries & Orchards

Kelowna is in the heart of wine country and orchards! Take a drive in any direction!

Kelowna Museum

This interesting museum explores the natural and human history of the area. It begins with local fossil exhibits, moves through the prehistoric culture of the Early Okanagans, then on to the lives of the farmers and ranchers. Tours and educational programs. 470 Queensway Ave.

Okanagan Military Museum

This museum celebrates the rich military history of the area. It displays military memorabilia relating to the local residents of the Okanagan Valley. 1424 Ellis St.

Annual Garden Tour

Every June Kelowna boats the Annual Garden Tour. Join the trek to selected homes with spectacular private gardens!