Naramata Local Attractions...

Okanagan Lake

The call of the outdoors is irresistible in Naramata. With Okanagan Lake framing the village to the west, sandy beaches beckon swimmers and sun-soakers. The rugged highland terrain to the north and east, with its secluded mountain lakes and forested trails, invites anglers, hikers and mountain bikers. The Trans Canada Trail passes above Naramata on the former Kettle Valley Railway line. 

Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park

Nearby Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park is a wilderness area that hosts an array of wildlife from bald eagles to black bears, where hikers can trek historic trails, campers can pitch a tent in the backcountry and anglers can cast a line for trout. 

Fruit Orchards in Naramata

Naramata was founded on agriculture. Savvy developer JM Robinson recognized the potential for cultivating soft fruit orchards on the sun-drenched clay bank terraces rising from Okanagan Lake and beginning in 1907, sold his idea to gentlemen farmers from Eastern Canada and Britain. 

Naramata Bench and Vineyards

The tradition continues with the latest evolution to grape growing. The Naramata Bench is now recognized as a distinct wine region within the Okanagan Valley appellation. 


Citizens of Naramata are determined to retain the slow, easy ambiance that makes their village a unique destination in the Okanagan. They have formalized their efforts with accreditation by Cittaslow, an international organization founded in Orvieto, Italy and born from the Slow Food movement.
Core values include celebrating and supporting cultural diversity and the individual specialties of the town while resisting the fast lane, homogenized world of large urban centres.

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